Megan McKeon - Chief Strategist/Owner

17 years of experience in Hospitality and Marketing showed Megan the need to cater to the unique needs of individual clients in this specialized industry. In 2009, she created Socially Yours, and Megan now shares her striking vision of innovative media strategies with growing businesses. Clients have come to see her as an indispensable asset for marketing success in the advancing world of content strategy and hotel reputation management.

Megan’s professional dedication and her life outside of work are ideally balanced to ensure the health and happiness of her family and those for whom she works. Megan’s love of writing, travel, business and psychology, combined with her commitment to ensuring exceptional experiences for tourists, inspires ever growing expertise in the evolving trends of digital marketing. When not hard at work promoting the long-term success of client businesses, Megan enjoys reading non-fiction, outdoor adventure, exploring trans-personal philosophy, and parenting her 12-year-old son, Emerson.


Lesa Hudspeth - Content Strategist

Lesa was no stranger to the hospitality industry before working for Socially Yours. 

After growing up in the tourist delight of the ski resort town Steamboat Springs, CO, she is well versed in both tourism and marketing, and most notably-- the lodging niche.  Having worked her way up from housekeeping to front desk operations to sales and eventually into management, she is knowledgeable regarding all of the ins and outs of the hotel industry, from the ground up.  Her philosophy is that dealing with an unsatisfied guest merely presents an opportunity to communicate and establish rapport in order to turn any situation around into a lasting relationship.  With her extensive familiarity in hospitality combined with a love for writing, she has a way of opening lines of communication leading to solution.  

Currently pursuing furthering her education with a double major in legal studies and psychology, Lesa’s focus is specializing in conflict resolution.  This makes her an effective mediator between guests and management, while always keeping in mind what is effective communication and additionally, legally sound.  When taking a rare break from studying and strategizing for her clients, Lesa enjoys spending time with her three sons, traveling, hiking, and creative writing.